Understanding Why An Asset Valuation Is Needed

We are going to be asking you questions so that your appraisal meets the needs and requirements of your application.

The first step to finding an accurate valuation is understanding why the asset valuation is needed.

Your requirements for an M&E appraisal will dictate what type and what value or values are needed to define the scope of an engagement.

As an example, an asset-based lender typically requires a valuation for supporting a collateral-based loan. They may want Fair Market Value (FMV).

If you are looking to purchase a business, you would use the valuation for negotiation or financial reporting, and therefore be subject to audit review.

How much is it going to cost?

This is the most asked question, right after “can you do an asset appraisal?”.

The appraisal fee is based on the amount of time required to complete the appraisal assignment.

From experience, we know about how much time is needed, to complete your appraisal, based on the number of major assets to be appraised, and where, geographically, the assets are located.

Email a Fixed Asset Schedule (FAS) or call me at 1-617-803-5954, I look forward to talking to you about your appraisal needs. I will work with you to give you a good estimate of what the appraisal fee will be.

What We Will Need to Get Started.

  • The reason for the appraisal.
  • A Fixed Asset Schedule (FAS), or a list of machinery and equipment to be appraised.
  • The physical location(s) of where the assets are located.
  • Can the on-site inspection be done during regular business hours?
    To accommodate our clients need for Confidentially we often work with our clients to perform on-site inspections after hours.
  • We will always work with you to accommodate your needs for the on-site inspection.
  • Copies of past appraisals (if available) are always helpful.
  • We are now ready to get started

Download the Sample Information Request Form: Lathe – Manually Operated.

NOTE: Information should be provided for owned equipment only. Assets that are not owned should not be included, unless specifically requested.

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