Machinery and Equipment Desktop Appraisals

A Desktop Appraisal is an asset valuation that is developed without the appraiser having the benefit of visually inspecting the assets in person at the location. The appraiser must assume that the information provided is accurate, complete, and unbiased.

What situations justify a desktop appraisal?
  • When a small amount of standard or well known types of assets do not justify the cost of an on-site inspection
  • When travel cost are prohibitive
  • When the values are needed quickly
  • When the assets are not of a unique design or of a specialized nature
  • When the information supplied by the company is accurate and up-to-date
What information is needed for a  machinery & equipment desktop appraisal?

The minimum information required for assets to be appraised would be:

  • Manufacturer
  • Year the asset was made
  • Model
  • Serial Number, where available
  • Original Cost and Acquisition Date
  • Photos are very helpful but not necessary

Digital photos are always nice and can help with the valuation of the assets.

Interested in a desktop appraisal?  Contact us and we’ll email you a comprehensive spreadsheet template that you can use to document your information.