To create your appraisal I have developed a detailed process that will in a logical and systematic way allow the appraiser to complete your appraisal in a logical and orderly fashion.

We begin with an engagement letter. The engagement letter has all the details of what will and not be included in your M&E Appraisal, the fee and the time frame.

With your signed engagement letter we will set a date and time to meet with the company contact.

At Red Stripe Inc we are EXTREMELY sensitive to any on-site requirements that your company may have. Completing the work in the evening or on weekends, whatever is most convenient for the company?

Interview the company contact; we have developed a well thought out information gathering questioner that we use when we interview the company contact.

Tour of the facility or facilities which is a very informative time, the company contact and the appraiser are able to discuss equipment options, accessories, maintenance, condition and more.

At the completing of the tour the appraiser begins the on-site inspection. In most situations the inspection and data collection of the assets will follow the same path as the tour.

The on-site inspection consists of documenting pertinent technical data on each major asset, including digital photos. Documenting support assets is completed as the appraiser moves from asset to asset.

In addition to the assets the appraiser will make notes of the technical features of the building and, general digital photos will taken. This information will be used in the appraisal document.

The appraisers’ notes and a select number of photos will be used in the appraisal document as a part of our evaluation considerations and to allow the reader to have a view of the facility.

Exit interview with the company contact to answer any questions, collect information regarding the assets that are not easily accessible.

At our office we will compile the data collected during the on-site inspection creating a spread sheet with a listing of all the major assets, process the data to Determine the Value of the assets, write the appraisal document {link to Determine Value page} this does not make complete sense

A well informed client is better prepared for a USPAP Certified appraisal.

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Left Hand Column will be Ethics Seal, USPAP seal and then ASA seal

Right hand column will be a small group of photo of assets